The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids Shoes

The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids ShoesChild’s age
Since children develop at different rates, the shoes you buy should not depend on their age. Instead, it should be based on your child’s developmental stage.

Babies who haven’t taken their first steps don’t need shoes at all. If you want to buy shoes for children who can’t walk, the soles must be soft.

Toddlers who have been walking for about six weeks can only wear shoes outside the home. At this age, bare feet are still best. When going out, toddler shoes should have:

Soft, flexible, non-slip sole.
Padding at the back of the heel and at the ankle for support.
The safety closure of the shoe does not loosen or come off too easily.

The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids ShoesPurpose
Consider where your child will be wearing shoes, and what they will be doing. If your child loves hiking, they will need shoes that are sturdy, sturdy, supportive enough, and have thick soles.

If your child is involved in sports, they will need a shoe with a more flexible sole.

The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids ShoesComfortable
Finding the correct size and fit is essential, otherwise your child will experience discomfort, pain, and possibly even wear on their feet.

To do this, you need to find shoes that fit the width and length of your child’s feet. They should have room to grow, but not a lot of room for the shoes to be too big.

So when your child tries on a pair of shoes:

Have them put on both shoes and stand up straight.
Then feel their big toes. There should be about a thumb’s width between the top of the big toe and the end of the shoe.
Next, check the back of the shoe. If your fingers can fit between your child’s instep and the back of the shoe, it’s the right size. Too tight and they run the risk of blisters, but not if the space is large and the shoes are too big.
Finally, let your child get up and down to make sure the shoes are comfortable for them.

The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids ShoesOrthopedic needs
Orthopedic problems are common in early childhood. If your child needs any type of orthosis, be sure to bring the orthosis to buy shoes. Make sure the shoes are deep and long enough to accommodate your child’s foot and orthosis.

Easy to wear
Consider how easy it is for your child to put on and take off shoes on their own. Hook and loop fasteners are often the best option for younger kids who often want independence. Make sure the Velcro is of good enough quality to hold the shoe securely.

The younger your child is, the sooner they may get rid of their shoes. As kids get older, so does the need for shoes to be durable.

Aesthetics is the final consideration. You want to buy shoes that your child will wear effortlessly, but the fit of the shoe and the support it provides are more important. You may sometimes have to sacrifice style for safety.

Adidas Kids’ Grand Court Tennis Shoe

Best Tennis Shoes for Kids

A modern update to ’70s style. These court-inspired shoes have a smooth leather-like upper with contrast 3-Stripes. A lightweight sockliner provides comfort as they take on their day.

This classic adidas shoe has wide-ranging and lasting appeal.

As a bonus, there are a variety of colors and finishes to choose from, so you’re sure to find a combination they like.

The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids Shoes

Merrell Kids’ Jungle Moc Moccasin

Best Kids’ Shoes for Wide Feet

Whether hiking the hills or hiking the halls of school, the Merrell Jungle Moc has been both a kid and mom favorite over the years! Slip on styling for those mornings you need to get out the door quick!

The Outside is more than just a place. Merrill knows that. It’s in their DNA, their history and the inspiration for their future. What started as a one-man bootmaking operation in 1981 has become a global calling to get Outside and get moving. Beloved by backpackers and hikers, Merrell blazed trails, creating lighter, more comfortable footwear. Evolutions in design and technology allowed runners and hikers access to multi-sport and cross-training products designed to help them go farther, faster. Thirty years later, Merrell continues to innovate new technologies focused to get you Outside, to keep you moving. Get ready to take the scenic route with Merrell.

The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids Shoes

 See Kai Run – Atlas II Waterproof Boots

Best Winter Shoes for Kids

Cool meets rugged in the new Atlas II waterproof boot. Seam-sealed, waterproof membrane construction and water gusset keeps water and debris out. Rubber outsole with a rugged tread pattern built for maximum grip on wet and snowy terrain. Hook and loop strap and faux elastic laces allow for secure fit and custom adjustability. Rubber toe cap adds durability. Waterproof-treated textile and synthetic upper.

The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids Shoes

The North Face Junior Winter Sneaker

Best Winter Shoes for Girls

If you’re struggling to find waterproof winter boots for your active kid, we have the solution.

North Face creates the ideal hybrid between sneakers and boots.

These shoes are flexible enough for kids who love to run, jump and climb, yet sturdy and warm enough to wear in the snow

The Best Shoe Club:How to Choose The Best Kids Shoes

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