Nike Mens Giannis Immortality White/Metallic Gold-Black (CZ4099 100)


  • The bottom of the shoe is curved from heel to toe for smooth strides. Cutouts in the foam help reduce weight and provide optimal responsiveness (because there is more space for the foam to compress and expand)
  • Style CZ4099
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace Up
  • The shape of the sole in the heel is designed for optimal cushioning every time your heel strikes the court
  • The heel part of the upper looks and feels plush. It creates a secure and comfortable harness for the back of your foot to help you feel fresh during games.
  • The shape of the sole at the heel is designed for optimal cushioning every time your heel strikes the court.
  • Grip Rubber Sole
  • Cushioned Insole
  • The names of his mom, dad, brothers and son Liam are on the outsole
  • 100% Authentic
  • The upper uses an engineered mesh that’s lightweight and breathable. An internal strap wraps over the midfoot to help keep you stable when moving from side to side.
  • The outsole rubber is partially split by grooves and wraps up the inner side near the front. This allows the rubber to flex and maintain traction when making side-to-side Euro step moves.

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నైక్-గిన్నిస్ అమోర్టాలిటీ-నలుపు/లిమ్లిచ్-ఓజోన్ నీలం-టీం నారింజ-DH4470-001-10


NIKE-GIANNIS ইমমর্টালিটি-কালো/লাইলাইট-ওজোন ব্লু-টিম কমলা-DH4470-001-10

NIKE-GIANNIS इमर्जलिटी-काळा/लाइमेलिगेट-ओझोन ब्लू-टीम ऑरेंज-DH4470-001-10


NIKE-GIANNIS ഇംമോർട്ടലിറ്റി-കറുപ്പ്/ലൈംലിറ്റ്-ഓസോൺ ബ്ലൂ-ടീം ഓറഞ്ച്-DH4470-001-10

नाइके-गियानिस इम्मोर्टालिटी-ब्लैक/लाइमलाइट-ओजोन ब्लू-टीम ऑरेंज-DH4470-001-10

NIKE-GIANNIS ಇಮ್ಮಾರ್ಟಲಿಟಿ-ಕಪ್ಪು/ನಿಮ್ಮೆ-ಓಜೋನ್ ನೀಲಿ-ತಂಡದ ಆರೆಂಜ್-DH4470-001-10

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