New Balance Running Shoes B.Duck

New Balance Unisex 888v2 Running Shoe

The style and range of color combinations make these running shoes good looking enough for kids while being practical and hard-wearing enough for parents.

New Balance shoes are generally quite roomy. If you have a kid who likes a little more width but doesn’t fully need a wide shoe, these are good picks.


  • They have a wide toe and a removable insole, making them good for kids with orthotics.
  • The longer laces make these easy to tie up.
  • Sturdy construction results in these shoes lasting long enough to grow out of!


  • All sizes have laces, but it would be better if the smaller versions had hook and loop closures.

New Balance Running Shoes B.DuckNew Balance Running Shoes B.Duck

B.Duck’s image is neutral and ever-changing, which meets all market needs of boys and girls. B.Duck insists on fashion and fun, supplemented by comfort and health.

Not only does it look good, but it also considers the healthy and comfortable growth of children everywhere, and is thoughtfully designed for children.

New Balance Running Shoes B.DuckNew Balance Running Shoes B.Duck

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